Happy Birthday Robot

Happy Birthday Robot is a children’s word game where players share in creating sentences. Today we saw two sessions with a total of three happy children and two very impressive works’ of literature. Here for your reading enjoyment is the hard (fun) work by authors Erin, Claire and Josiane:

Story 1

Happy Birthday, Robot!

Tiny Robot plays with balloons… Oh, happy Robot!

Robot’s friend plays balloon-catch and tag.

The dog ran and ripped the balloons which scared Robot and his friend the goofy-looking professor.

“Aah!” said Robot and he blew out the flower cake’s candles.

It was time to open the sparkly presents.

Robot happily played with his shiny new toys and said proudly “Happy Birthday to me!”

Robot’s doggy kept trying to take Robot’s toys with another happy robot.

The End


Story 2

Happy Birthday, Robot!

It was a sunny day outside.

Josiane played with her bike, waiting for the bus to take her to Robot’s spectacular Birthday Party.

Her little sister kitty was excited going to school.

Fortunately, Robot’s party was at school with all their friends—they will play together with Robot and his dog and their exciting new toys.

Puzzles and animals were on the big table by the park swings.

A bully tried to take Robot’s presents and robot was crying and called “Mom!” and Mom took the presents away and happily gave them back.

Robot was happy.

The bully was thrown in the storm drain and never seen  again.

Robot had his friends, Mom, and presents—a good day!

The End