dreadball-review“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, orcs and veer-myn, welcome to the Grand Opening of Petrie’s Gaming Arena. Today’s Dreadball match pits the Greenmoon Smackers, Orcs and Goblins, against a brand new human team in its very first game, Petrie’s Fanatics.

“The ball is launched and the game is underway. T-Storm goes for the ball, picks up, dodges past a couple of the Smackers and is off down the pitch. He’s in the Zone, he shoots and scores, a 3 point Strike.”

“Wow Bob, just the opening seconds of the game and it looks to be a good day for the Fanatics. The ball is re-launched and the Smackers are on the move, but they’re not going after the ball, they’re going after the Fanatics. Down goes one then another and yet another. The Smackers are going for their favorite strategy, knock-out the other team, then score. If the Fanatics can’t finish this game early, this might be their only game.”

“Right you are Jim. Maceron goes for the ball and he has it. He’s trying to get around the Smackers, but they are not letting him have an opening. Jerry looks like he is trying to break thru the line, but down he goes. The Fanatics are now outnumbered on the pitch 6 to 2, it is not looking good. Maceron must be really frustrated he tried throwing the ball past the Orcs.”

“He didn’t try to get it past the Orcs, he threw it at him!! Ouch, he wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way and goes down.”

“He’s not just out, he is DEAD but play continues. One of the goblins goes for the ball, but he fumbles it straight back to Maceron. Maceron picks up the ball and seeing an opening, runs thru it and passes the ball to T-Storm. T-Storm barely catches it but moves, shoots, and scores. With that the game is over and Petrie’s Fanatics win 7-0.”

That could be the commentary for a new game called Dreadball. The concept of Dreadball is that it is a futuristic sport that uses a ball made of weapons-grade titanium that is launched at 200 mph and teams try to score in one of three scoring zones. The action doesn’t stop for anything — scores, penalties, injuries or even death. As a game, Dreadball is a cross between a boardgame and a miniatures game, similar to Bloodbowl or Super Dungeon Explorer. You have miniatures, that require some assembly, and then play on a board. Once you know the game it should only take an hour to play.

Corporation-Vs-Marauders-RushEach person is the coach of a team of 6 to 14 players from one of the available races. There are three types of players: Strikers, good at handling the ball; Guards, good at hitting people but can’t touch the ball; and Jacks, can do both but not very well. The game is played over 14 turns, with the object being to outscore your opponent. Scoring is done from one of the three zones and can be worth from 1 to 4 pts. The game can end early if one team has a 7 pt lead or take longer if the score is tied. Each team starts the game with 6 players on the field but during their turn only get 5 actions and can give each player up to 2 actions, so you are not moving at least one of your players, maybe more. There are also cards that are used for different reasons, including extra actions and events that affect the game. Actions are resolved by rolling dice, and for each 6 you get to roll another die so it is possible to do things that you wouldn’t be able to normally. Players can be sent off for committing fouls, get injured or even killed. There are also league rules so you can level up your players and earn skills. The above commentary is an extreme example but could happen in just the first 4 turns of the game.

Currently the races available are Corporation (Human), Marauder (Orcs and Goblins), Veer-myn (Rats), and Forge Fathers(Dwarves), but future races include an all female human team, robots, monkeys, insect-type aliens, and other alien races.

We are looking to start a league for Dreadball and will have many opportunities to come see the game and playtest it for yourself. If you are interested in seeing more, contact us and we’ll set up a time for you to come and play!