Miniature Event News June 2016

Whose Side Are You On?
The Superhuman Registration Act has divided the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Universe- whose side will you be on when you face off against your friends and former allies in Marvel HeroClix: Civil War?
Marvel HeroClix: Civil War is a four-month Storyline Organized Play event series that will both divide and unite HeroClix players around the world as they choose to fight alongside Iron Man and other Pro-Registration heroes or alongside Captain American and his band of Anti-Registration vigilantes.
Petrie’s is running Civil War every 2nd Saturday at 10:30 (registration 10:00) for $16 entry OR you can pay for all four sessions at $50 subscription. Those that have paid for the $50 package will receive their boosters regardless if they cannot attend all of the events.
Each month, players build teams using Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Storyline Organized Play Booster Packs and compete to win limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures- the first three months of the Event Series will be structured as individual 4-player “Battle Royale” games with the last month being structured as a 3-round head-to-head Swiss pairing tournament.
At the end of the event series, players will draft based on their overall event standing from a selection of exclusive limited edition Marvel HeroClix: Civil War figures.
As a celebration to the end of the league season and an excuse to get everyone together for a fun summer event, X-Wing will be having a tournament on July 23rd.
Format:  100-point standard dogfight
Structure: 4 rounds of Swiss, no cut
When: July 23rd, starting at 11 am
Where:  Petrie’s Family Games
Prize Support: All participants will receive an alternate art Veteran Instincts upgrade card.  Top 8 will receive a set of acrylic ion tokens.  Winner will receive an alternate art IG-88C pilot card and solid metal challenge coin.  Door prizes will also be randomly awarded.
Cost:  $15
Preregistration is now open.  First come, first serve.  Hope to see you there!