2016 is coming to an end. Sheesh, that felt fast!
In the flurry of the next seven weeks we are going to be announcing a lot of new regular events and we’re saying goodbye to a few too!
A few quick highlights: Krosmaster is moving to the 4th Saturday starting in January. Numenera League is starting on 2nd Tuesdays in December. Formula De ended (thanks J.R. for defending that title and to Jeremy for continuing to do a great job in putting it on!) but we’re looking at bringing it back in 2017.
We want to relaunch kids night but in a different format. We’d like to hear from the parents out there as to whether another board game night, league game, or RPG is what your kids are wanting to see. Feedback is vital so we can provide the experience you’re looking for. Email us or stop by and chat.
We’re also compiling all the casual play for Star Wars. Starting in January, all the Star Wars games are going to meet for casual play on Tuesday nights. We have folks willing to run Imperial Assault, Destiny, Armada and X-Wing. We’d like to see an official role playing game as well as devoted focus on the card game too. The reason for this was that we had a ton of players meeting at different times for different games and a lot of these players were the same people. Having a casual night with all the folks in one place meant that you can now have a choice, try out games you may not own, and build a stronger community around Star Wars and not split it up over specific game titles.
For holiday events, the big one is coming… Storyteller day is December 17 and we already have two story telling games scheduled, Gingerbread Men is back by popular demand, the elves are coming… and of course, the Claus’ are visiting the store starting at 11am!
Finally, there are a TON of special events planned for Magic and Vanguard in the coming months. Participation leagues, special tournaments and so many things that you’ll need to watch our facebook page or make sure you’re on our Collectibles (CCG/LCG/Dice) Newsletter list. If you’re not, send us an email and we’ll get you signed up for that too.