GenCon 50 – Day 1

Cameron here. This is the first stream of thought post live from GenCon 2017.

We arrived in Indiana and survived the first day of GenCon #50. Plenty of the Petrie’s regulars are here and several Colorado gaming regulars that many of you would know from Gamefest and local podcasts. It’s like a little reunion of sorts.

Oh, here’s a picture of Don on a Catan Sheep.

I spent most of the day at the retailer and educator seminars. Won’t bore you with the details on most of those but I have some ideas to improve our Magic singles and our Store Library. More on that in the coming weeks as I assess if the ideas work in Petrie’s.

The big topic of discussion is Fantasy Flight’s redo of Legends of the 5 Rings. I’ll let you troll the internet for the various reviews out there but to keep it short, most of what people are saying is that it exceeds expectations, keeps what fans of the original wanted kept and streamlines most of the rules. Tomorrow is the big day and Jake will be playing in the first L5R tournament. I’ll get you details on his results.

Here’s a photo of Don wrangling a Catan Sheep.

We ran into the folks of the Boardgame Corner and are looking forward to spending time with them. They are one of the shows from the Dice Tower family of shows and are from Fort Collins and regulars of Gamefest.

Shortly afterwards we ran into some of the regular LCG players from Denver and regular attendees at Petrie’s LCG tournaments, plus some of the minds behind The Art of Warcast, a podcast out of Denver that focuses on the new L5R. They are also judging in the L5R tournaments so visit their podcast to hear them after they are no longer under their non-disclosure agreement of the starter set.

Later we were able to try Iello’s new title “Mountains of Madness” the cooperative based on the Lovecraft novel of the same name. It’s part adventure game, part party game with a resource management element reminiscent of a Forbidden Island/Desert thrown in for added stress. The party game element comes from madness cards that are progressively given to players as they make their way up the mountain. These madness cards can be anything from “Look under the table at the beginning of each round (Paranoia)” to “Repeat everything you say twice”.

As for news and announcements, there wasn’t much of that today but we’re expecting a lot tomorrow. Jake went to the Paizo presentation, so we’ll have some of that for you (mostly news about StarFinder which will be available at Petrie’s this week). Also, Fantasy Flight’s announcement that they will do an anniversary reprint of West End’s original Star Wars role playing game.

The one thing I keep getting asked the most is whether L5R will be available on the retail level at the same time as the GenCon release, and that is finally answered as ‘no’ but we expect it to happen in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll talk to you more tomorrow.