GenCon 50 – Day 2

Exhaustion. After just 1 day of carrying around bags of product and computer equipment I believe there is a level of exhaustion that not even DisneyWorld can bring to a body. Golf ball sized knots in both shoulders now exist where bag straps hung yesterday.

The number of people that a sold out GenCon consists of is indescribable. We arrived for the early entry to the first day of the product room and found ourselves in this line. Keep in mind that this is JUST the early entry people and this line wrapped around the event room—just so folks could get to product first at full price. This is the gamer’s equivalent of “Early Adapters” and what we frequently refer to as “Cult of the New”. At one point, one of the line guards “threatened” us by saying if we didn’t have proper tickets or stay in specific boundaries, they would ship us off to Germany. After weighing shopping for games against historical castle tour in Germany, both of us considered the threat better than the benefit, but we stayed in line anyway seeing as we had to be back in Colorado on Monday.

The size of the vendor room is massive. And the overall selection is enormous. Just when you think you’ve seen everything in the industry, you find Bob Ross: The Art of Chill game. This is the game where “Happy Little Trees” and helping “Clouds Live There” is a game mechanic.

Jake attended the Paizo report which was mainly about their new sci-fi universe Starfinder (which is available now). While this isn’t news they confirmed that Starfinder has a pathfinder-like society, and adventure paths which are scheduled for every other month and about half the size. The Alien Vault is their Monster Manual with about 30 different player classes plus monsters, making this a manual for both players and GMs. A miniature line is planned by Team Ninja and it will include both iconic characters and ships.

Many of you have heard of the Star Trek Borg Cube for the new role playing game and while it has been building up as the thing of legends we can confirm it does exist. This is the master set of sets for anyone that love Trek, role playing or both. The box acts as storage for miniatures books and dice, plus the out shell comes off to act as your GM Screen. Additionally, all the print and app materials look and act like a Next Generation Data PADD.

Since this is the 50th anniversary, one of the exhibits is a reenactment of the very first Geneva Convention. And before you think that means a small room with two folding tables in it, let me say that they went out of their way to find several of the old-guard and gather together a museum of monument break-throughs in gaming. The museum guides are gentlemen who have some personal investment in the industry—including our own Gary Adkison—and it was obviously assembled with great love and care in the middle of the Colts football stadium.

Rather than explain the full experience in words, I’ll let the photos do the talking:

A tribute to Gary Gygax and a replica of the Horticulture Hall where the first convention was held.

The original French game that would later be known as Risk

The original prototype board for “Dungeon” the classic D&D board game

A limited edition of the internal only black cover 3.5 edition D&D. These were given to employees only

This is the school notebook of Jonathan Tweet, the future author of later editions of D&D. It’s fun to think of him as a dreaming D&D player before he became the influential figure he became.

1st edition Catan

The first Civilization as well as many key publications from throughout the years

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