The sun beat down as a dry wind swept over the small desert town. Squinting his eyes, the bartender looked out across the dusty horizon. Hundreds of varmints were closing in. The little monsters had to be dealt with; it was time to call in help.

After nearly a year of development, rewrites and play testing, a local family is ready to launch production of a new tabletop game called, Varmint. The game was created by the father-daughter team of Ray and D Sevits. “We are a gaming family and are always dreaming up fun, new ideas for games that someday we’d like to create,” said Ray Sevits, “and now we’re doing it.”

Ray and D started developing Varmint for a contest for small games that fit inside a mint tin. Their concept quickly outgrew the mint tin but, gained momentum when the Sevits family and their friends began play testing it and developing the old west-themed art for the game. “We couldn’t stop laughing and the characters D created are perfect for the theme.”

The varmints may look cute and cuddly but, they are causing all kinds of problems for the game’s heroes

The game’s wild west heroes work to round up rascally varmints, that look cute, but are plaguing the land. The player who captures the most varmints wins the game. This is accomplished by flicking disks at, and hitting, varmint cards (and if you’re really devious, hitting your opponent's hero cards). Each hero has its own unique special abilities that affects game play and there are a variety of different types of varmints to capture, including the elusive Varmicorn!

Varmint is ready for production, so the Sevits team is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run of the game. Backers who pledge $20 to the campaign
will receive the first copies of the game. Backers who make higher pledges will receive original pieces of signed Varmint artwork. The Kickstarter campaign runs through April.  “We  are incredibly excited to bring Varmint to life; we hope we can secure the backing we need to produce the game.” said D Sevits.

Ray Sevits is a local educator (20 years at North Middle School) and an avid board game player. He incorporates strategy-based games into his pre-engineering curriculum and hosts a weekly after-school board game club. D Sevits is a freelance artist and recent graduate of Colorado State University. She works at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center and developed the original art for the game.