GameCon X was a success!

Last month we saw the return of GameCon at Rampart High School, a local con that happens twice a year specifically for high school and junior high aged kids. This is one of our favorite events as it establishes one of our core components: community involvement. There’s such a great sense of comradery among those running the event and the kids attending demonstrate a constant joy and excitement all day long.
According to the GameCon leadership, GameCon X on was a huge success:
  • We had nearly 500 students and spectators from more than 70 schools across the Pikes Peak Region and beyond!
  • We had more than 150 adult and student volunteers assist in the running of games and set-up!
  • We served 175 pizzas!
  • We had an amazing array of tabletop games, including dozens of roleplaying games, board games, miniature war games, and collectible card games.
  • We had excellent community partners, including the Pikes Peak Library District, Petrie’s Family Games, Gamer’s Haven, GalaxyFest, Sheath Comics, AmtGuard, and more.

If you would like to volunteer for GameCon XI, on¬†¬†November 10, 2018, let Cameron know so he can begin communicating what Petrie’s will be supporting the next time around.