What’s that in the air? What special time of the year is it? Spring? Don’t be silly, we all know spring doesn’t happen in Colorado. No, it’s convention season. April sees a TON of conventions and we have just a few of them to highlight for you.

GameCon (April 13) is a special convention for high school and junior high students held at Rampart High School. They aim for everything but with a high focus on gaming. Art, Cosplay, Comics, Movies and TONS of games for school-aged fans happens Saturday the 13th. Registration is quick and easy and while it may be too late for this weekend, if you love working with kids and teaching games, they are always looking for more volunteers. With a Fall and a Spring GameCon, be looking for it to return around November 2019.

GameFest (April 26-28) is a festival within a festival. Starfest is one of the oldest running fan conventions in the western U.S. and over the years they have grown to add several celebrations under one roof. RoboFest, ScienceFest, HorrorFest, ModelFest and of course GameFest are all part of the greater StarFest event. This year, GameFest is bringing in gaming celebrities from both Chaosium and the H.P. Lovecraft Society, making this our year of Cthulhu! Many other guests and events are planned all weekend long so don’t miss out.

Pikes Peak Gamers(April 13) is returning for their second year. While your teenager is at GameCon, swing over to Manitou and discover not only local culture in our historic district, but also have access to more than 800 games in one of Colorado’s largest gaming libraries. All weekend access to not only the indoor games but some of the finest outdoor games as well. This is for the serious (and not so serious) gamer akin to a BoardGameGeekCon but you don’t have to drive to Texas!

Koboldcon touts an impressive line up of gaming industry celebrities plus a weekend full of events and tournaments. Get ready for an energetic twist to the gaming convention set in Colorado Springs. The hosting company,
Kobold Company LLC, is an internet-based, gamers-first organization that is dedicated to producing game-related content and organize events in Colorado.