One of the greatest elements of any hobby is the passing of the baton. For those that remember hobby games in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s will tell you things have changed… significantly. But those changes would not have happened if it weren’t for new ideas and new blood coming to gaming and introducing fresh perspectives.

We want to do our part in bringing in the next round of board game fans. There are junior leagues for collectible card games, and there are open role playing sessions for all ages. While we have hosted kids nights during our board game sessions, there hasn’t been a lot of encouragement for younger board gamers to embrace the hobby as their own.

This month we introduce a new event to encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship, leaving the next generation with a love for our hobby.

The rules are simple. Our hosts will teach the basic rule set of pre-determined games and walk players through a few rounds (if not the entire game) in 20 minute blocks. At the end of this block, players rotate to new tables and play a different title. Each time, basic scores are given based on top scores at each table. At the end of the evening, one of the demo games or an available equivalent will be awarded to the top scoring kid. Multiple games can be awarded depending on the number of participants.

A pizza dinner will be available (please let us know of any dietary restrictions, if any, at time of sign up) so there’s a short dinner break in the middle of the session.

While some of the games will have a younger age rating, we ask that kids be at least 6 years old to participate. It’s important that each child stay focused in order to complete the games in the allotted time.

We are hoping that this will become a monthly tradition for your family, and as it grows, we’d relish parent participation in evolving it into the kind of board game night you look forward to each time.