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Event 1, Mercy vs Malice, has been rescheduled to June 3rd.  Entry is $5.
1. Build decks with cards, dice and tokens of your own.  Please bring one copy of your deck list and the dice types and numbers being used.  Also, list if you will be fighting for the forces of light or dark.
2. If we have 4-8 players we will play three 50 minute rounds.  If there is an odd number of players the judge will play and have a 3rd party check for legal decks and first fives. Judge cannot win either of the alt-art cards that go to the top 2.
3. During play announcements will be made when there are 10 minutes left in the match.  When time is called the active player will complete their current turn.  Each player will then take two more complete turns each (not rounds).  If the round has not ended after these two turns, it ends immediately.  Each player will complete the recovery and prepare phase normally.  If neither player has won at this point the game will be declared a draw.
4. A win is worth 3 points and a draw 1.  Blood Points are awarded at the end of each match and used as the second tie-breaker.  Blood Points are earned for each wound token on your opponent’s PB at the end of the match.  25 Blood Points are awarded if the PB has been destroyed.
     4a. First tie-breaker goes to the total opponent’s event points.
     4b. Second tie-breaker goes to most Blood Points.
5. Everyone who participates will receive the alt-art Noah card and the appropriate light/dark ally for the event.


Hosted by Darin & Connor

fnmagicslide_2016Director: Jeremy Reed (FNM); Judges: MJ Franklin & Daniel O’Connor

Friday Night Magic: Every Friday of the month is Standard and Modern (your choice) —$5 entry unless posted otherwise. Exception: Every 3rd Friday we hold a Draft tournament at $15 entry. We play to top 8 and prize support is in store credit in addition to any FNM support when available.

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Current Director: Dustin & Hannah (support from Josh and Peyton)

Casual Play & Tournament Support:  Every Sunday starting at 1:00pm.

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