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So this is going to be a fun casual event. Everyone who participates will get one card from the War Within kit, we have a little bit of everything left. We can have open play or try out one of two new options that a group of us have been developing.

Option #1
Last Man Standing

Peace had fallen in Argaia since the Phoenixborn had risen and destroyed the Chimera during The Great Cleansing. It did not take long and as history has proven across worlds, peace never lasts. Conflict has raised its ugly head again, driven by a prophecy that states that the collecting of ashes of other Phoenixborn will raise one of them to godhood. Meaoni was the first, killing the invading Phoenixborn from the north, Raysev-Its. Now the Phoenixborn have turned on each other and the hunt has begun. Join in the war to domination and godhood. There can be only one! The Collection of Ashes has begun.

Build a normal deck and dice pool using the deck building rules in the rule book.

Game 1 will be played as normal. 60 minute game length.

At the end of the game the winner will inform the organizer how many wounds they inflicted on their opponent (used for following games match-ups), keep their Phoenixborn wounds on their card and then complete Phase 4: End Game. Phase 4 includes the three new steps listed below:

* Phoenixborn Recovery: Your PB recovers 1/3rd of their starting life value rounded down (5-7) wounds.

* Mana Leech: Each player will remove, from play, one-third of their total conjurations rounded up/down depending on the number of games to be played (1-3 round up, 4 or more round down) during the event. Each player gets to choose which conjurations to remove and yes, they may eventually end up with no conjurations available.

Example. Rounding up. If you have seven conjurations available at the start of game 1 you would lose three, (7/3 = 2.33, round up to 3, 7-3 = 4). You would choose three conjurations to remove and then start the next game with four conjurations. If you were to win game 2 you would then lose two (4/3 = 1.33, round up to 2, 4-2 = 2) and start game 3 with 2 conjurations.

* Collapsing Power: Your opponent chooses one battlefield slot, spellboard slot or PB unique card (if applicable) to be removed from play (down to a minimum of 1). In your next game place an unused card facedown in the correct location to show the loss if your battlefield or spellboard has been affected. If your PB unique was chosen remove it from the game and announce the loss to your opponent.

All following games will start normally but with a potentially wounded PB, a reduced conjuration pile and the loss of a battlefield slot, spellboard slot or PB unique card.

And option #2.

Winds of Chaos

Namine hated the song the Flute Mages, River Skaalds and String Mages were playing. “There’s something in the air tonight. And I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life. Can you feel it coming in the air tonight…” they sang. Someone’s idea of a joke she thought. The winds of chaos were whipping across the battlefield tonight. Pandemonium was about to break out as the skies flashed purple, blue and red. Lightning flashed and thunder booomed. A maelstrom was coming and who knew what it was about to bring with it.

Build a normal deck and dice pool using the normal deck building rules.

Shuffle and set to the side the Winds of Chaos deck.

At the start of the Prepare phase flip one card over from the Winds of Chaos deck. Read the text aloud and follow its directions. If your game goes past 10 rounds the Winds of Chaos have stabilized and no additional cards will be drawn

Fading Leylines: The first main action for each Phoenixborn this round costs either one additional Power die, two additional Class dice or three additional Basic dice.

Focus: For the entire round all side actions cost one additional Basic die.

Bleeding: For the duration of the round all damage inflicted on Phoenixborn is increased by one.

Plague: For the duration of the round all damage inflicted on units is increased by one.

Blood Haze: For the duration of the round all wounds inflicted are increased by one.

Respite: At any time, during your turn, you may spend a Class die to heal one wound on your Phoenixborn. You may only use this ability three times during the round.

Tumult: After rolling your dice change all Basic to Class, Class to Power and Power to Basic.

Turmoil: After rolling your dice change all Basic to Power and Power to Basic.

Phasing: For the duration of the round all conjurations that leave play are removed from the game.

Moment’s Peace: For the duration of the round all damage is reduced by one.


fnmagicslide_2016Director: Judges: MJ Franklin & Daniel O’Connor

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