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-League cost: $5 per month per store (you don’t have to participate in each store’s league)

-Bonus tournament cost: $5


-Prizes will be given out per the outline listed here:

-Store strongholds will be determined by the clan with the total number of wins

Point Structure

-Win: 3 points

-Loss: 1 point

-Playing a game on a league night at a different store: 2 points

-Maximum per week per store: 10 points (2 wins and play games at two other stores)

Special Rules

Challenges – A player who lost to another player the previous week (at any location) can challenge the previous winner to a duel.  The duel is a normal game, but if the previous loser wins they gain 5 points (loss is still worth 1).  If the previous winner wins again, they only gain 3 points.


The point structure is tight, so there will likely be ties.  In the spirit of maintaining a friendly environment ties will be broken by store attendance.  Meaning if a player whom participated in the most leagues that week will be the weekly winner.  If there is still a tie than the winner will be determined at random (or by another means ALL ties players agree to).


Sportsmanship must be maintained at all times.  This includes playing people at or around your skill level.

ForceOfWills_Slidefnmagicslide_2016Director: Judges: MJ Franklin & Daniel O’Connor

Friday Night Magic: Every Friday of the month is Standard and Modern (your choice) —$5 entry unless posted otherwise. Exception: Every 3rd Friday we hold a Draft tournament at $15 entry. We play to top 8 and prize support is in store credit in addition to any FNM support when available.

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Current Director: Dustin & Hannah (support from Josh and Peyton)

Casual Play & Tournament Support:  Every Sunday starting at 1:00pm.

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