D&D Adventure League

February 14, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Petrie's Family Games
7681 North Union Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Bryan Salagovic


Heroes needed! Are you game?

Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. Jump in anytime!

RSVP is required. Limited to 8 seat maximum.

GMs: Josh, Christian, Joe, Lenny




  • If a seat opens up for this anytime next month, please let me know.

  • I’m looking to visit for a cultural events for my communication class. Would like to RSVP for a Wednesday evening and of course, would like to play. Is this possible and if so, ( besides the 2.00) what is needed?


  • Hey, nevermind the comment, I just called and got the info. 🙂

  • Chris parker

    I would like to get into this game on a weekly basis if there are seats available.

  • petriesfg

    We do have an RSVP list. Call or stop by the store and we’ll get you a place. Let us know what level you want to play at that time too.


  • Curt Holsinger


    I sent a message to petriesfg@gmail.com, asking if there were 3 seats for January 11’s adventurers league game… is it better to call, or stop by the store, than to e-mail?

  • petriesfg

    Sorry for the lengthy reply Curt. As you’ve seen, regular email is probably best but we don’t really get to reply to email reliably until Tue-Thur. The other days are hit and miss. I’m glad we got it all squared away.

  • Ted

    I would like to join or create an original and group.

  • Ted

    I would like to join or create an original dnd group.

  • petriesfg

    Adventures League is open for anyone so swing by or let us know which night you are coming and we’ll add you to a table. You can also RSVP by visiting the sheet linked at the top of http://www.petriesgames.com/rpg

  • koen karle

    I will join on this one even though I’m a first time ever play and will hopefully get the opportunity to learn and play or just sit in and watch a game play so I know how to play when I do decide to play a game or If ya ok with a first time ever player then I will join.

  • petriesfg

    We’ll take care of you. We love new players! See you tonight.

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