• What’s with the name? Is it your last name? Back to Top
No one at Petrie’s is named Petrie. It’s a name that honors our favorite house-party hosts in TV-land and where we get our early 1960’s style. See our About page for more details. So no, we are not named after petri dishes.

• How do you pronounce your name? Back to Top
It’s Peh-tree. Not Pee-tree.

• What are your policies concerning judges, hosts and other event organizers playing in events? Back to Top
In all cases, we first refer to policies established by the publisher of the game / event in question. In other words, if the judge is not allowed to play by the publisher, then we default to this request.
However, in cases where this rule is not in place we allow our hosts to participate. We feel that the biggest fans of a game should have a chance to actually play the game. In most cases hosts, although they are allowed to compete, will defer any prize support “down the line” to the next eligible contestant. Occasionally, hosts may be eligible to win competition prizes, but in theses cases it will be communicated before the tournament begins and a secondary judge/host will be declared.
In all circumstances, Petrie’s reserves the right to offer thank you gifts for the judge as long as it does not break any publisher rules.

• Do you sell video games? Back to Top
No. We are designed for every game type except video.

Do you offer any party or space rental service?
Yes we do! Read all about it here and send us any specifics for what you need through our contact tab.

• Why can’t you sell to Colorado residents on-line? Back to Top
This is a process that is subject to change, but for now, we do not have county and city tax capabilities on the webstore. Additionally, we adjust our costs for out of state sales to off-set mailing fees. But the main reason is that Petrie’s is a community center. We want to encourage people to come in, meet the staff and our regulars, hang out, learn a new game, laugh, play… none of that can take place if we become an online store first and a retail store second.

• Are your online prices and inventory selection the same as in your store? Back to Top
Not necessarily. Online competition is brutal and we do our best to compete with that market when we can. Online pricing is a different thing from retail pricing, unfortunately. However, due to some contracts certain products cannot be discounted while others cannot be sold at all on our website. When you visit our store, you’ll find a greater selection with prices that reflect and compete with the standard MSRP market.

• How long does it take to process an order? Back to Top
We like to have orders placed before 12:00pm, Tuesday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends. Larger or more complex orders may take two business days to process. Please allow extra time for busy shipping times such as the Holiday Season.

• What forms of payment do you accept? Back to Top
We use VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. All credit card information is encrypted and protected. Credit cards are charged as soon as the order ships. You may see a debit to your account before the shipment is made and this is an authorization request.

• Can I change or cancel my order? Back to Top
If the order is not processed and shipped, cancellation is possible. The best way is to contact us during our business hours to make any changes to submitted orders.

• What is Petrie’s privacy policy? Back to Top
We do not sell or share our customer information with any company or individual, nor is it added to any phone or mailing list outside of our own, which you have the ability to have yourself removed with a simple click of a button or a phone call to us directly. We do give you the option to be a part of our monthly newsletters, which has an opt-out function.

• What is Petrie’s return policy? Back to Top
If we make a mistake, we will give you a full refund, including shipping charges. Returned merchandise must be unopened and in a resellable condition.
If any product is damaged, is missing parts or is defaced in any manner through our fault, we will do our best to replace the faulted part first. If that is not possible we will pay shipping to return the item to the store and send a replacement. In the case of damaged product, please send photo proof to ensure effective communication as we try to solve the problem.
If there was no mistake and you still wish to return the order, we will refund the cost of the order minus all shipping charges as long as the product is in a resellable condition. Please contact us by through the “Contact Us” page of this website before shipping the item back so the refund process can be authorized. No refunds will be accepted without authorization.
For in-store returns, as long as the product is still sealed, we will take it back, no questions asked. However, we have no way to return games to our distributors and therefore, if the game is even remotely used, we cannot in good faith put it back out on the floor for sale to another customer. Why are we so tight about this one issue? We are not a big-box chain and cannot recycle products. Additionally, people have been known to buy a game, remove a piece(s) and then return it stating it is our fault. Fact is, all games are packed and sealed somewhere else, and while we will do our best to help you replace missing pieces (almost all manufacturers have a missing pieces program of some sort), we cannot be liable for someone who simply wants to use us as a missing piece middle man.

• What if I refuse a delivery? Back to Top
We reserve the right to collect shipping costs on packages that are refused without prior consent. In the case of free shipping we will refund you the cost of product minus the cost of shipping once the package is returned to us.

• What about “Out of Stock” merchandise? Back to Top
The game industry is a fickle one and no guarantees on any one title’s restock date can be made. However, if a title is still readily available, we make our best effort to have it back in stock within two weeks.

• Are your prices in U.S. currency? Back to Top
Yes. All prices are in U.S. dollars.


• Do you offer gift wrapping services? Back to Top
We sure do. The Petrie’s store location hosts regular birthday parties which means we have plenty of gift-wrap available. Simply make note that you want gift wrapping during check-out, the nature of the gift and whether it needs to be male/female targeted. You can also send us an email through the Contact page to provide more details. Note that gift wrapping does cost an additional fee.

• What is your shipping policy? Back to Top
Our web site provides USPS and UPS shipping cost calculations for your zip code. This charge includes handling charges. If the charges are higher than the website quoted, we will contact you before shipping.

• My order is late according to the shipping company. Can I get a refund? Back to Top
Only if the order is late due to an error on our part. If the order is late because of misinformation or delivery availability issues, you are responsible for the shipping. If USPS or UPS is responsible for the delay you will get a full refund if we get one from the shipping company. Incidents considered “Acts of God” such as weather, do not qualify for shipping refunds.

• My order says it has been delivered, but I don’t have it! Back to Top
Always make sure if the rest of your family, roommates or neighbors received it for you. If not, contact us right away and we will begin to trace the package. We have a small window of time to respond to lost packages—delaying may make it impossible for us to recover it and subsequently refund you.

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