Magic the Gathering

but as always, please take part in our 2-for-1 trading program

Pack League runs July 19 to August 23. Everyone is welcome and entry is only the purchase of 3 packs. We’ll still run casual too so feel free to bring your decks even if you aren’t playing in the league. See you then!


Swiss tournament with 1v1 MTGO rules

$25 for an Hours PreRelease pack – play 3 rounds of draft then 5 rounds of standard – cut to top 8. Remember to bring your deck list for standard. Some packs and some other Magic decoration prizes. Keep the extra packs for your own! Specifics to be announced.


Please review our updated tardiness rules for FNM:

  • If you know you’re going to be late, call in advance. As long as you call before 6PM we can hold your spot*
  • Players not present at the start of round 1 have 10 minutes to show with no penalty. After 10 minutes players are given a game loss for tardiness; 20 minutes is a second game loss
  • Except for situations pertaining to the tournament system or unforeseen store emergencies, tournaments may not be held for longer than 10 minutes to allow for late players. If situations like weather are holding up several players we reserve the right to change the start times
  • Players registering after Round 1 is posted will be added to the event with an assigned loss
  • Players may not sign up for the event after Round 2 is posted*Does not count for Special events like Prerelease.


We offer Standard and Modern tournaments every FNM except 3rd Fridays when we host our Draft tournament.
In the event of Release days of new sets, we run a Draft then too, regardless of which day of the week that it falls.

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