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Raid Battle: Blackest Night
Team up against Nekron and the Black Lanterns in this cooperative Heroclix Event.
Build: Bring a 500 point team that can be scaled down (by 100 point increments) to a 300 point team. Team totals will be determined by the number of players participating.At the beginning of the game, all participating players (except Nekron) will do a 2d6 roll to determine attack priority. Highest roll gets first attack priority. All players get 3 actions per turn. Non-boss players will take their turns simultaneously and attacks on targets will be determined in priority order.
Example: If multiple people decide to attack Nekron, the highest priority player goes first, then the next highest player, until there are no more attacks.

In order to keep the game fair against players, Nekron will be supported by Black Lantern Anti-Monitor. Who knows, maybe fallen heroes will be replaced by Reanimates!


We now have a singles collection for the out of print Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Minis game. All characters’ cards are in a card binder sorted by faction. Ask the Petrie’s host to see the binder of your choice the next time you are in. The game is still active among players but the figures are seeing a revival as tokens for the Star Wars LCG and for the new Star Wars role playing game.


  • Andy Stecklein

    I’m really interested some game activities that you might have for my 6 year old. He loves star wars, and classic superhero comics.

  • petriesfg

    Our family Star Wars day is coming up at the end of the month. Additionally, most any of our Heroclix events will have players able to play superhero heroclix with him. If you know you would like to do a demo for any regular event like XWing, Heroclix, or Imperial Assault, let us know ahead of time and I’ll guarantee we have someone there for you.

  • I’m really interested in the star wars legion game. Recently, I finished another miniature game so I need a new one. I will consider this game while I shop around. Thank you for your posts on miniature games.

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