Petrie’s Awards

2015 Nominees

Favorite Board / Card Game – Sheriff of Nottingham

Favorite Role Playing Book – The One Ring Revised

Favorite Kids / Family GameAbracada…what?

Favorite Combat / Tactics Game – Star Wars: Imperial Assault


2013 Winners

Best Board Game – X-Wing Fighter

Best Card Game – Star Wars Living Card Game

Best Role Playing – Edge of the Empire RPG


2012 Winners

Best Board Game (3-Way Tie) – White Chapel; Mansions of Madness; Risk Legacy

Best Role Playing (2-Way Tie) – Pathfinder Beginner Box; Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Best Kids Game – Whoowasit?


2011 Winners:

Best Board Game (2-Way Tie) – Automobile; Settlers of America

Best Role Playing – Dresden Files

Best Kids/Family Game – Forbidden Island


Here are the listings for the Origin Winners, the Essen Spiel des Jahres Winners, and the Mensa Select Recipients.

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