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Board Game Night

Since the start of Petrie’s in 2009, we have hosted a board game night on Thursdays. Much of this has to do with our roots. Thursday night was game night for many of the families that helped found Petries, and it was a logical conclusion to keep that tradition going.

This event is possibly the most important to us, not because it’s a big money maker or even due to the games played, but it personifies community and relationship. Thursdays is when people spend time talking and getting to know each other over a wide array of walks of life.

Since so many different types of people attend board game night, it stands to reason that many different types of titles are played as well. So we don’t pre-schedule any titles. Rather, we ask folks to come with titles that they want to play or come with the expectation of playing something that someone else brings. The Petries room host then helps everyone find a table to play at and ensures there’s a game available for anyone that comes in later, whenever possible.

We keep a library of titles in the store up to date for anyone to play, even when it’s not board game night. Those titles are free for play as long as there is a table free and the store is open. They can also be rented to take home. Whatever it takes to get folks plugged in, not just with gaming, but with each other.

Petrie’s vision has always been to foster community and give everyone a chance to grow relationships through the gaming hobby. With that in mind, we will have board game night, and many of our other events, for the life of the store.